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augusto montanino

Our history has begun in 1954 when Mr Augusto Montanino, here portrayed in the textile warehouse established his first plant. Since then our shirts were characterized by the use of the better italian materials and accessories, besides the accuracy of tailoring.

multipla montex

More than 50 years have passed, but we still produce shirts in the same enthusiastic dedication, obeying the classic rules of the neapolitan shirt tailoring tradition, harmonizing the typical artisans' love for the handmade finishing touches with a continuous technology and design updating. For exaple, at right you can see the sewing of the buttonhole as it was done in the early seventies, made by the PFAFF buttonholes machine, at that time at the leading edge. Below, you can see the same operation as it's made now in our plant, by using a computerized buttonholes machine DURKOPP.

asolatrice pfaff

In 1964 our "Fiat 600 Multipla" went trough the italian roads (the photo above was taken in Taormina) in order to meet our clients' requirements.

asolatrice durkopp

Nowadays our production has been enhanced by adding on our traditional man's shirts collection a line of men's clothes in pure linen textile: jacket, trousers and bermuda shorts, marked by a refined but plain elegance.

camicia e giacca

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