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camicia classica

Our items originates from our more than 50 years experience in men's shirts manufacturing. Our production, once centred on classic shirts, later added dress shirts and fashionable shirts, in cotton or linen fabric. Recently, approving our clients suggestions, we have added to our established men's shirt production a new line of jacket, trousers and bermuda shorts in pure linen. If you take one of our items you shall appreciate the care of the tailoring and handmade final touches realized by experienced shirt makers, the precious materials, the dressy and accurate details, the wearability originated from the newest technologies ennobled by tradition and experience.
All that to give you an item you can wear with pleasure day after day, convenient and elegant. We want particularly to remark that our items are fully designed and manufactured in our plant in Italy in order to offer you items we can proudly qualify as "really made in Italy".

Really Made in Italy

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